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What types of services do we provide?
Airport transfers. Limousine and Viano passenger transport for business trips, events, conferences, delegations, sightseeing, wedding events and private trips.

At what times are we available to our customers?
Every day and every hour of the year we receive and fulfil our customer needs.

How can I place my order and how can I book it?
By phone: +36 30 299 4444 or online.

How early can I book the selected car?
24 hours before the departure time, but at least 12 hours.

Can I be notified if the ordered car has arrived at the order address?
Yes, the driver will call you at the phone number you gave and will tell you where he can wait for you until departure, or in case of a company order he will ask your reception for help to inform you. So please provide your contact details when ordering!

Do we provide the driver’s contact details and the license plate number of the car to our customer?
Yes, of course, in case of institutions for application for entry, to the contact person of the customer, in case of sightseeing to contact the tourist guide, and in order to serve the customer flexible.

How do you find the driver at the hotel?
We have in each vehicle all the welcome boards of our customers, waiting you at the hotel lobby or contacting the hotel reception. You can also identify the car you ordered by license plate number.


What are the technical conditions of the vehicles?
Our vehicles are regularly maintained in accordance with the seasons and repaired at an official Mercedes workshop.

How safe and reliable are the vehicles?
Safety is the most important thing for us. Drivers are responsible for checking the brakes, oil and coolant level as well as the tire pressure every day. All vehicles have travel insurance.

What is the cleanliness of the vehicles?
All vehicles are up-to-date and regularly cleaned during the day.

Do cars have consumer electronics?
Each car has a radio and CD player. In line with the tastes of our customer, we can make your journey more enjoyable with the music style chosen from the music library.

Can I make a Wi-Fi connection in the cars?
Regardless of your prior request, you can keep in touch with anywhere in the world with unlimited internet usage.

Can I charge my mobile phone in the cars?
We have a charging cable for almost every type of mobile phone.

Is it possible to smoke or eat in the cars?
Our car fleet is non-smoking and no food is allowed.

Is animal transport allowed?
Unfortunately we are unable to transport animals.


Which airports are covered by the service?
Mainly to Budapest, often to Vienna, but in some cases to any European international airport.

How will I meet the driver at the airport?
At the airport terminal the driver will wait with name of the arriving guest on the welcome board, with company logo in case of company order on request.

If the aircraft arrives earlier at the airport, will the drives wait in time?
We are constantly checking for the departure and arrival of flights, so we always arrive at the airport in time.

What happens if the aircraft is delayed?
Delays in flights will not cause additional costs, and our driver will be at the airport terminal in time waiting when our customers arrive.

What should I do, if my flight is very late or I missed it and I would like to provide you the new flight information?
By phone or by writing SMS and e-mail, we are available also on Whatsapp, Viber and Messenger. You can contact us immediately with modified arrival information.

Should I pay a waiting fee if the driver has to wait for a long time at the airport?
40 minutes waiting time are free of charge after the airplane’s arrival and then 50HUF per minute in charged.

Can we call for driver’s help in moving the packages?
All drivers are ready to help our customers in the most courteous manner.

What is the travel time between the airport and city centre of Budapest?
Regardless of the time of the day and traffic, we deliver our passengers in the most optimal way in Budapest, using the experiences of our drivers by using traffic avoidance routes. Optimally, it can take half an hour, or even 1 hour.

When should I arrive at the airport before departure?
Approximately 2 hours before departure, depending on the number of packages and online check-in.


Can you provide a car for the wedding event besides the wedding car?
Yes, there are several similar categories of limousines and 7-seater minivan.


What kind of pricing is used?
Our pricing includes both hourly fees and daily pricing. Ask for an offer for your individual needs!

Where can I find the price list?
Visit our Prices page, where we list the prices of our services for our customers.

Do the prices include VAT, parking fees and tolls?
Fares include 27% VAT, parking fees and tolls.

Is it possible to pay by credit card?
Yes, the mobile POS terminal is available in all vehicles.

Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?
Yes, it is one of our payment options, that is most common in our service.

What payment deadline can you provide for companies?
We can issue a 30-day bank transfer bill.

Is there a discount if I order your service regularly or need more cars?
Yes, there is a possibility of individual pricing.

Do I have to pay a special fee for festive occasions or at Christmas?
This is subject to agreement.


Can we expect the driver to look stylish?
Yes, of course, always!

Can we expect the driver to open the doors of the car for the passenger politely?
Of course, it is not just politeness, because it serves the safety of our passengers.

Does the driver speak English?
We strive to meet the expectations of our customers, so the basic requirement for us is the language knowledge at least communication level. On request, we can provide also a Japanese-speaking driver.

Does the driver keep my personal and telephone conversations in the car confidential?
Absolutely. What you say in the car stays there. All our drivers have signed a confidentiality agreement and work according to the expected moral standards.

Can I talk to the driver while traveling?
If you want to talk to the driver or ask anything about the trip, you can do it at any time. Our drivers do not initiate a conversation while traveling.

Does the driver use a mobile phone while driving?
Just for work reasons.

Do drivers keep to the required speed limits and drive carefully?
All drivers strive to maximize the safety of our passengers during their daily work, so they drive carefully, adhering to traffic rules.

Delivery of small goods

What should I do if I want to use it?
By phone: +36 30 299 4444 or online.

Don’t have enough place in your car?
Call us, we will solve it, what goes to a Praktik, we take it.

Have no time? Do you want to send your shipment from A to B quickly?
Call us, we will be happy to help you. Fulfilment of occasional and regular orders.

Do you deliver only for companies?
No, we fulfil also private orders.

Can you provide a bigger car?
Yes, for permanent order.