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For companies and individuals – ad hoc and contracted

Mercedes limousine rental – with driver

Driving service – Traveling in your own limousine? Take advantage of this opportunity. Give the driver the trouble of driving and travel comfortable in the rear seat of the vehicle. So you have the opportunity to relax or to work.

Airport transfers Budapest – Hungary – Abroad – At our company, your transfer starts at the entrance of your house or of your company. Airport transfer is a comfortable way for you to get to the airport or get home. We will pick you up exactly at the entrance (according to the traffic rules), and deliver safety, comfortable to the airport or home.

Sightseeing – You have the opportunity to meet the diverse attractions of the region. You have the opportunity to arrange your tour according to your personal needs.

Delivery of baggage and small package – if you have left your passport at home and you want to have it in your pocket, your luggage will follow you late, you want to bring an important package to the airport or to other location quickly then our service is the solution. We deliver all packages quickly and reliably to the destination, so you do not have to worry!

Minibus rental – we provide transfer in Budapest to the airport, to the countryside and to foreign destinations.

Wedding car rental – with driver

Company car service – tires, petrol station, service, etc.

Events – passenger transport

Delegation – VIP guests transport

Regional transfer – in Csepel and in surrounding areas

Delivery of small goods – in Csepel and in surrounding areas

Administration –delivery of small goods, courier, parcel delivery

Non-smoking drivers

Wi-Fi service in our vehicles