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The contract for occasional passenger transport is created in writing by e-mail or by filling the order form on the website by the customer and confirming the orders contained therein. The content of the contract is the data in the order and in the confirmation. It is possible to modify the confirmed order if this can be done by the service provider. Any additional cost of the modification will be borne by the customer.


The order can be cancelled free of charge in case of orders for domestic travel 24 hours prior to the date of the pick-up, in case of orders for travel in foreign countries 72 hours prior to the date of pick-up. In case of cancellation beyond the given deadlines, minimum fees for the ordered vehicle, in case of domestic travel 4 hours, in case of foreign travel 9 hours and any eventually incurred costs (e.g. pre-purchased toll stickers, accommodation, ferry, etc.) will be invoiced. 
Cancellation is only accepted in written form (letter or e-mail).

Terms and conditions

Orders are processed within 1-24 hours.
If you would like to receive information about the services as soon as possible, please call our contact phone number:

+36 30 29 94 444

Our goal is to arrive at the exact time of the orders, but please apologise for any delays caused by circumstances beyond our control, which will be reported of course in time.

Orders are executed safely in accordance with the traffic regulations and in accordance with the circumstances.

The customer is responsible for any external or internal damage caused by passengers during the performance of the service. The customer shall pay the full cost of restoration and repair.

If the order is executed with surplus performance, either in km or in hours, it will be charged, on the basis of the charges stated in the order, as extra costs.

Any questions not regulated by the above shall be governed by the Civil Code.